How to Order

STEP 1 – fill up this form:

          NOTE: make sure that all information are valid and correct.

STEP 2 – wait for the message reply containing the total price and order number(please remember the order number).

STEP 3 – pay the total price received via text / message through BDO.

click here on how to pay through BDO.

          NOTE: please do not throw away the receipt of your deposit transaction.

                      for unpaid orders, your order will not be started until it is paid.

STEP 4 – Send me the ff.

Order number:

Copy of the receipt of the deposit transaction.

STEP 5 – Once I’ve received your message, I’ll send you a confirmation message, then wait until you receive your order.

How to Pay Through BDO

STEP 1 – Get a Deposit Slip and fill it up with the following:

ACCOUNT NAME: Arriene Kaye Aquino


Check savings

write on the TOTAL AMOUNT the amount to be deposited

STEP 2 – Proceed to the teller once you’re done, then they will give you a receipt of your transaction.

STEP 3 – Do not throw the receipt.

and you’re done!!